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How to Install and Clean Genesis Cellular PVC Ceiling Tiles

You might be thinking about buying a set of Genesis cellular PVC ceiling tiles to update your ceiling. These ceiling tiles are durable, water-resistant, and washable, making them ideal for high-humidity environments. They come in a standard grid system and come in a 12-pack set. Read on to learn how to install and clean these ceiling tiles. Also, read on to learn how to cut and install Genesis pvc ceiling tiles.

Installing Genesis pvc ceiling tiles

Installing Genesis pvc ceiling tiles

The Genesis cellular white 2x2 ft PVC ceiling tiles are extremely durable and easy to install. The smooth surface of the white cellular PVC makes it ideal for the kitchen or high-humidity climates. The tiles also feature a Class A fire rating. Installation is a breeze, and if you've never done it before, you'll be amazed at how easy it is. Simply follow the steps below to have a beautiful ceiling in no time!

Before you start installing the Genesis panels, it's important to know that these panels fit into virtually any ceiling grid system. They are available in the same sizes as fiber-based ceiling tiles, including 2' x 2' and 4' squares. Genesis panels will fit into any standard two-foot by two-foot or four-foot grid system. Be aware, though, that some grid systems use a "stab and connect" system, which will result in a higher corner than the rest of the tile.

Genesis cellular PVC ceiling tiles are a great choice for any space, including kitchens and bathrooms. They have a smooth, washable surface and are also resistant to water and mildew. They are waterproof and wipeable and are well suited to environments with high humidity. They also come in convenient 12-pack sets that drop into standard grids. These tiles are also great for commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, healthcare facilities, and educational facilities.

Cleaning Genesis pvc ceiling tiles

Regardless of the environment in which you live or work, cleaning Genesis PVC ceiling tiles will ensure that you never have to worry about tarnishing your stylish new tiles again. They're made of cellular PVC and are waterproof and remarkably washable, making them ideal for any high-humid climate. Genesis tiles come in 12-pack sets and simply drop into standard grids. The installation process is relatively simple.

First, remember that Genesis panels fit into virtually any ceiling grid system. They come in two-by-four-foot sizes, just like their fiber-based counterparts. They'll fit into the standard grid system for 2' x 2-by-4-foot ceiling tiles. Be aware that some grid systems have a stab-and-connect system that will cause the corner to sit higher than the rest of the tile.

To clean Genesis panels, you can use a mild soap-and-water solution. Most household cleaners will also work. Power washing is another option, but be careful not to scratch the tile face. Although Genesis panels are impervious to most chemicals, they're still recommended to be cleaned with a mild detergent and water solution. You can also use hold-down clips if you have an uneven grid system or drafty areas.

Genesis pvc ceiling tile cutting

In the case of cellular PVC ceiling tiles, cutting is an easy task. These tiles are largely compatible with standard grids. This material is highly durable, waterproof, and washable. This makes them ideal for a variety of indoor environments, including commercial kitchens, food processing facilities, health care and education facilities, and rooms where the environment is constantly clean. For this reason, they are easy to install and come with a 25-year limited warranty.

Cut panels and tiles using a sharp utility knife. A ten-inch blade with approximately 200 teeth is suitable for cutting geniune tiles. A hole saw can be used for circular cuts, and the RotoZip can be used to cut sprinkler heads and can lights. The Genesis tiles are easy to install with the "ceilinglink" direct-mount grid system, which screws directly to wooden ceiling joists. The tiles measure about 23 x 34 "sq. inches and are one-inch thick.

Using a sharp utility knife to cut a genesis panel can save you time and money. Genesis panels are suited for indirect lighting applications, such as in bottling plants and food processing facilities. In addition, these panels can be installed in high-humidity environments. The high-quality panels are ideal for marine, education, and health care facilities, as well as for clean rooms. In addition to the above applications, they also perform well in pharmaceutical labs and science labs.

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