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Veranda Brand PVC Ceiling Board from Home Depot

Veranda brand reversible beaded ceilings are a great choice for both interior and exterior applications. They are suitable for many different applications, including accent walls, bathrooms, and porch ceilings. Their dual installation option offers you a variety of benefits, including low maintenance and the option to paint them to complement your chosen color palette. If you have been unsure whether or not a reversible ceiling will work for your space, you can read more about the product and how to install it.

Reversible beaded ceiling and wainscot on the veranda

If you're in the market for beaded ceiling or wainscot trim but don't want to spend a fortune, consider cellular PVC sheets. These are available in wood grain and smooth textures and are perfect for high-moisture areas. These beaded sheets have tongue-and-groove edges, which give them the same finished look as individual boards. You can install them quickly and easily, as well as enjoy a consistent surface. Veranda reversible beaded ceiling and wainscot sheets feature a shiplap nailing flange, so you can add a bit of wood texture to your ceiling or wainscot trim.

Veranda with reversible beaded ceiling

If you are looking for a reversible beaded ceiling, consider the Veranda brand. These panels are ideal for a variety of applications, including porch ceilings, kitchens, bathrooms, and accent walls. They offer dual installation options and are made from low-maintenance PVC. They are also available in several paint colors to fit your color scheme. You can even use them as accent walls if you want to switch up the look in any room of your home.

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